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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Lifestyle like images around Melbourne’s Flinders Lane. 2 of my fav restaurants Chin Chin and Meatball and Wine Bar on Little Flinders Lane. Often get asked to take these sort of images to accompany property for sale. Its a fun thing to do – walking around and exploring the area. These images often take quite a bit of time as you can find yourself waiting for people/cars/light/trams to be in the right place.

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Best job ever! Here are some images from my Antartica fly over. I was commissioned by Captains Choice whom charter Qantas 747 flights for eager adventurers whom are up for something a little different. We flew around for 4 hours being treated by the constantly changing landscapes. The atmosphere on the plane is also like no other. Qantas & CC staff go all out to make your journey enjoyable. It takes 4 hours to fly there which speeds by with the full inflight entertainment: special commentary, movies, food & drinks. Flight info at


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lol at myself here in the garden shooting a house in Canterbury (VIC). With my fav lens the canon 17TiltShift. Its the widest best quality lens $ can buy. Its the go-to lens for property and architectural photography. Why? See below:


Why the Canon 17TS lens is a must for property & architectural photography:

  • it is the best quality wide angle lens available
  • super wide and gives you straight lines
  • delivers amazing sharpness and contrast
  • its does panoramic images (vertical & horizontal)
  • creates cool special effects eg “the Miniature look”.

A couple of examples:


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A busy morning at Camberwell Junction. A major intersection in the inner east of Melbourne. Dropped Hunter off at Daycare and spent 15 minutes shooting.  I made this short video just to try out some new gear and editing software. Shot on the canon 5m3. Location: Music by: Stereopole – Everything Else (Original Mix)

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